When developing Vue.js apps we found a simple way to structure asynchronous actions using async and await.


Vuex is the standard state management approach for Vue.js.


An action in Vuex is where you perform interaction with APIs and commit mutations. Such interactions are inherently asynchronous.

We found a simple way to write such actions with async and await.

API Access Layer

The API access layer is best separated from the store. This facilities modularity and usage of the API when no state is involved. For example, using the API for typeahead input.


We configure axios like:

And then use it to define the API calls.

The API Calls

Many APIs require multiple calls to compose an item of information. So we compose those calls with Promise.all and await:

Handling Errors

We catch errors, such as network connectivity, or server-side failures at the API access layer, and present a clean interface For the actions.

Asynchronous Actions

Asynchronous actions await for the API calls and then commit the results:

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